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Dis/Orient/Ed Comedy in LA


They’re baaaaack! And we are too - as a Media Sponsor - once again.  Get tickets for the Los Angeles Anniversary show of DisOrientEd on Saturday, July 12th by entering discount code THICKSKIN for $5 off (UPDATE - Extended through Thursday July 10, 11:55pm).


Disoriented Comedy Los Angeles 2nd Anniversary Show + Benefit for Tuesday Night Project

Friday, June 12th - 7PM Community Mixer - 8PM Standup Comedy Show 

The David Henry Hwang Theatre in Little Tokyo Los Angeles


$35 General Admission Tickets 

$30 Pre-sale Tickets (PROMO CODE: “THICKSKIN”) (tickets on-sale now)

Group Tickets available for $20 per ticket for groups of 10 or more!

Refreshments available for purchase

Tickets Purchase:

Facebook Event:


Facebook Page:

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On Our Radar: “I’m Asian American And…”


Got this email from Valerie, who’s casting a documentary about Asian Americans:

I am producing a series for the Asian American network, MYX TV called “I’m Asian American And…”  In every episode, we are profiling someone who brings a unique aspect to the Asian American experience. Someone who is defying stereotypes - or living under the pressure of them. We’re open to any or all stories that will show a unique experience.

We’d love to profile an Asian American millennial (18-35) who is battling body issues/eating disorder and is comfortable sharing their story. We will treat the subject respectfully - and generally wish to talk about images of Asian American women, how ideals of beauty deeply affect us, etc. The commitment is a one-day shoot. 

Since we are on a micro-budget, we are looking to profile someone within 50 miles of the Los Angeles area.

I’d really appreciate if you could help the get the word out! People who are interested can email me here at:


Know something that should be On Our Radar? Contact us!

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Parts Unknown

I’m right by K-town, but rarely eat there - partially because my husband’s a vegetarian, but mostly because I am not Korean.  For some reason, when it comes to food + culture (specifically Asian ones), I am shy about exploration.  I’m perfectly comfortable asking a million questions at a Taco Stand, Ethiopian restaurant, or Russian Deli.  But when I’m sitting down to a bowl of Ramen, Pho, or Naengmyeon, I point and slurp quietly.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that I can “pass” and don’t want to make a spectacle of myself by asking too many questions.  

This area is the subject of Anthony Bourdain’s latest episode of his new CNN show, Parts Unknown.  I was pleased to see my favorite chef, Roy Choi, as one of his Ambassadors.


Artist David Choe also played tour guide - when they stopped at Sizzler, I felt an immediate connection.  I, too, grew up going to these and related to his memories of feeling a “need” to get your money’s worth from the buffet.


Of course, my favorite part of the episode was when they went to Myung In Dumplings - the same place I went to celebrate the launch of this blog!  


Did you see the episode?  Do you relate?  (Can you recommend some Koreatown places to visit?)

- Lynn 

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LA Asian Pacific Film Festival

Are you frustrated by the lack of faces that look like yours at the theater and on TV?  If you’re in Los Angeles and want to see diverse, accurate portrayals of Asians in media, check out LAAPFF, running from May 10th to 20th!

With over 189 films and videos, filmmaker panels and seminars, plus parties and presentations - you don’t want to miss this year’s lineup.

Here’s Thick Dumpling Skin co-founder Lynn Chen with Festival Director Shinae Yoon at the Launch Party:

Make sure to catch one of Lynn’s movies if you’re in town - she’s in five of them - and let us know what you think.

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I’m Not One of Those Size-Zero Asians

I’m tubby.  And I’m not saying that to fish for compliments, I’m just sayin’…I am tubby.  I like to blame it on the birth control pill I’m taking which is notorious for making the female form blow up big time, but there’s always that annoying voice in the back of my mind that tells me 40-50% of my fattiness is being too busy and lazy and un-motivated to go work out and to stop binge-eating.

I like to think that I’m cute, despite being tubby.  And being sad is scientifically proven to not help us lose weight.  Stress makes us keep it on.  So why can’t the world stop being sneaky and snide about our weight and realize that being tubby doesn’t mean ugly?

To women and girls everywhere suffering from self-esteem issues relating to weight and body image…you are beautiful no matter how much your weight or what size dress you wear, as long as you love someone and show unconditional kindness to someone, beauty extends through your whole body, and doesn’t just rest on your surface.  

Nerd Girl | Los Angeles, CA | USA

Originally posted at “And We Keep Moving Forward

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