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Parts Unknown

I’m right by K-town, but rarely eat there - partially because my husband’s a vegetarian, but mostly because I am not Korean.  For some reason, when it comes to food + culture (specifically Asian ones), I am shy about exploration.  I’m perfectly comfortable asking a million questions at a Taco Stand, Ethiopian restaurant, or Russian Deli.  But when I’m sitting down to a bowl of Ramen, Pho, or Naengmyeon, I point and slurp quietly.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that I can “pass” and don’t want to make a spectacle of myself by asking too many questions.  

This area is the subject of Anthony Bourdain’s latest episode of his new CNN show, Parts Unknown.  I was pleased to see my favorite chef, Roy Choi, as one of his Ambassadors.


Artist David Choe also played tour guide - when they stopped at Sizzler, I felt an immediate connection.  I, too, grew up going to these and related to his memories of feeling a “need” to get your money’s worth from the buffet.


Of course, my favorite part of the episode was when they went to Myung In Dumplings - the same place I went to celebrate the launch of this blog!  


Did you see the episode?  Do you relate?  (Can you recommend some Koreatown places to visit?)

- Lynn 

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