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Lisa on NPR’s “Tell Me More!”


Did you hear this morning’s “Tell Me More” on NPR?  Our very own Lisa Lee was on, weighing in on this controversial episode of Louis C.K.’s show from the Asian-American perspective.

Other people on the panel included Libby HillCeCe Olisa, and Danielle Henderson.  

Lisa: You know, I definitely - I understand I think that body image issues is something that a lot, a lot of women experience and a lot of men too. But I definitely feel that the issue affects people of color a little bit differently. And in my specific case, I’m thinking about, you know, East Asians, like Chinese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Japanese-Americans. You know, I think there are two issues. One is just I think there’s - the lack of representation and misrepresentation of Asian-Americans in media - right? - that informs us how we should behave and think about ourselves. And unfortunately because we are not seeing a lot of ourselves on media, we kind of go to the depicted stereotypes to again inform us about how we should think about ourselves and of course our bodies. And a lot of the stereotypes out there are that, you know, Asian women are fragile. They’re demure. They’re wall flowers. They’re pushovers. And that’s a very real stereotype that I think is then internalized.

And I think from, like, the cultural and familial standpoint, as well, I think just, you know, throughout history we’ve been taught, you know, what is the accepted sort of westernized beauty that we should desire? And I think that goes, you know, even beyond body size. I think that has a lot to do with, like, skin color, the way that we, you know, want our hair to be a certain way. So I think there are issues kind of, you know, internally, you know, within the culture as well as what is projected onto the culture.

You can listen to the interview and read a full transcript here.

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On Our Radar: Qozop’s Spring Autumn Photos

Here’s a picture of a Malay grandfather and grandson who switched clothing, for a photo project by Qozop that examines the fashion differences between generations in Asian cultures.  


View more family photos on his site under the “Spring-Autumn" series.


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On Our Radar: “I’m Asian American And…”


Got this email from Valerie, who’s casting a documentary about Asian Americans:

I am producing a series for the Asian American network, MYX TV called “I’m Asian American And…”  In every episode, we are profiling someone who brings a unique aspect to the Asian American experience. Someone who is defying stereotypes - or living under the pressure of them. We’re open to any or all stories that will show a unique experience.

We’d love to profile an Asian American millennial (18-35) who is battling body issues/eating disorder and is comfortable sharing their story. We will treat the subject respectfully - and generally wish to talk about images of Asian American women, how ideals of beauty deeply affect us, etc. The commitment is a one-day shoot. 

Since we are on a micro-budget, we are looking to profile someone within 50 miles of the Los Angeles area.

I’d really appreciate if you could help the get the word out! People who are interested can email me here at:


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On Our Radar: Asian Women and Breast Cancer


There seems to be a pervasive stereotype among medical professionals in the U.S. that “Asian women don’t get breast cancer,” yet it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and one of the leading causes of death among Asian women in the U.S.  Because a large percentage of Asian-American women are from Asia where it is estimated almost 70% do not get regular mammograms, Asian women are the least likely in the U.S. to get a regular mammogram. Furthermore, studies show that Asian women tend to develop breast cancer at a younger age so it is even more important to get a clinical breast cancer exam early.

Asian-born women who have been living in the U.S. for more than 10 years have an 80% higher risk of developing breast cancer than their newly-arrived Asian immigrant counterparts.  Asian females tend to have “dense breasts” where mammograms may miss up to 60% of cancers in women with dense breasts. As a result, Asian females may require more expensive and therefore harder-to-approve ultrasounds and MRIs to detect breast cancer early.

 There is currently no national organization or project that addresses breast cancer among Asian Pacific Islanders, yet there are unique cultural, linguistic and genetic challenges specific to Asian women who face this disease.

Encourage your sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter or friend to get a breast cancer screening today! Find out more at:

(If you’re in Los Angeles, the Privy: Pretty in Pink Event will help raise funds towards this initiative.)


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On Our Radar: Pretty in Pink


If you’re in Los Angeles, check out this “Pretty in Pink” Cabaret-Fashion event.  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Privy’s fashionistas have founded a first-of-its-kind National Asian Breast Cancer Initiative, a program of the Asian Pacific Community Fund. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among Asian women, who are also the least likely group to get a mammogram. Furthermore, they face very unique financial, cultural and linguistic challenges in dealing with the disease. Proceeds raised from this event will benefit a national campaign to address this important issue, an initiative endorsed by the Asian and Pacific Islander National Cancer Survivors Network (APINCSN).

More details can be found here.

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On Our Radar: Dis/Orient/Ed Comedy in San Francisco


What’s all female, all Asian and all funny? Dis/orient/ed Comedy is bringing their first-ever all female, Asian American stand up comedy tour to San Francisco with TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS in a single night, Saturday, September 7th, 2013 at the Southside Theater at the Fort Mason Center in the Marina District!  

The Thick Dumpling Skin family will be there as a community sponsor. Use “THICKSKIN" as your discount code to purchase pre-sale tickets at for $12 tickets.  The San Francisco shows are expected to sell out so be sure to purchase your tickets online! 

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