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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s how first lady Michelle Obama talks to her children about food. (Read the full article here.)


I don’t talk about weight at all. I talk about healthy choices. When I talk about exercise I don’t talk about exercise in terms of you have to look good. Exercise is about competition; it’s about learning a new sport; it’s about being introduced to something interesting; it’s about learning about how to compete and why competition is important. We talk in those terms.

When we talk at the dinner table we talk about eating a balanced meal, not because of how you look but because of what your body needs.

Now that [the girls] are getting older they’re starting to conversations [about weight] in their community, so it’s not coming from us, it’s coming from the outside. But I always shift them back to health and tell them the best way to never have to worry about what you look like is just to get good food in your body.

It’s all about balance. It’s not about never having birthday cake, or going out to lunch and not having a burger. I don’t even want them to think about that. I don’t want them to obsess about food. I just want them to live their lives.

So if they’re doing a sport, if they stay active, if they’re eating vegetables most meals and not overeating, if we treat foods as treats — so the weekend I’ll tell them you can have one breakfast that’s a splurge breakfast, just once a week — because you just don’t need to have pancakes and sweet rolls — at the White House, you walk in and it’s like pancakes and a sweet roll and a biscuit — (laughter.) it’s like, who’s idea was this?

What’s the best advice your Mom has given you about food/body image?

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7 Things to Help You Recover

  1. Powerlessness: ‘Admit that you have it’
  2. Support group: ‘You need people that speak the same language’
  3. Community: ‘Be around people who make you better. People who are doing fun things and really living life’
  4. Counselor
  5. Dietician
  6. Spiritual Food: ‘Think of the body like a banana. The peel is your appearance and the banana is your soul. Feed the banana and fill your spiritual place, your soul’
  7. Volunteering: ‘It helps you get out of yourself. Ask yourself how much time you spend on your banana peel and how much time you spend on the banana. You should be spending more time feeding the banana, your soul, but they are interactive. The spirit, body and soul work together’

This is from an excerpt from an interview with Lee Wolfe Blum, an eating disorder survivor, health educator, and speaker (read the full article here).

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