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Fat, Ugly with Babies and No Man

This is an actual conversation that occurred between my Mom and I after my second pregnancy.

Mom: Waaaaa! You got so fat! You look like a fat person swallowed your face!

Me: That’s really nice, Mom. I love you too.

Mom: I love you that is why I tell you. Only mother who loves their child very much would tell them they are ugly. If I hate you, I would tell you you are beautiful and you should eat more food. Eat more chocolate. Person who tells you to eat more, they the one that hate you! Not me I love you so much so I put you on diet, help you keep your husband.

Me: There is nothing wrong with our relationship…

Mom: For now! But stay too fat too long and he gonna look for pretty skinny girl and what happen to you? Fat, ugly with babies and no man. Poor you!

Me: Don’t worry!

Mom: Don’t worry? How can I not worry? I the only who one worry for you! (long silence) Did he take life insurance out on you?

Me: MOM!!!!!

Mom: I just worry that’s all!

Ellen | Bethesda, MD | USA

Ellen Oh is a lawyer, writer, and college instructor whose first book “Prophecy: The Dragon King” is being published by HarperCollins Children for release in Winter 2013.  This is an excerpt from her blog post “My Tiger Mom is Better Than Your Tiger Mom.”

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