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Tila Tequila has an Eating Disorder?

Tila Tequila recently did some press where she said she had an “eating disorder:”

“I too, have a eating disorder. But not because I want to be skinny, but because I want to gain weight and can’t,” Tila told in an exclusive interview.

“When I’m happy and healthy and stress free, I eat better and maintain a healthy weight and my body stays in great shape and my face is fuller and plump.  It looks good on me.  However, lately, I have lost a lot of weight and am now down to only 87 pounds.”

“I’ve battled with this eating disorder my whole life… I put pressure on myself to constantly eat, but once I put pressure on myself, that’s when eating is no longer a ‘natural’ thing to do for me and ironically becomes the opposite.  I then lose my appetite and lose my weight.”

“[My body] makes me feel un-sexy and self-conscious about myself and that is also the pressure to look good in Hollywood,” Tila said.

“I want to gain weight but it’s so hard for me.” 

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  1. krapaiiets answered: mm i dunno, i’m kind of divided on this.. how is that an eating disorder? its just stress. some ppl eat when stressed, others don’t.
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    I relate to that last quote so hard. I don’t have an eating disorder and I’m not trying to look good in Hollywood, but...
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